29/05/2017 08:00

TUBAGEST 2.0 was born as an additional aid to our current tube-machining application. TUBAGEST 2.0 was custom designed by the EcoMT company in accordance to TUBASYS specifications for the purpose of meeting the expectations of our clients.

TUBAGEST 2.0 adapts flawlessly to our work and is used for the automatic creation of Workshop Lists or Lists of Components that supplement the drafts sent off to our clients. This file will be sent in pdf format and is comprised of three sections:

- A first sheet containing:

a header indicating our client's information, the project, tube and design standards, finishes, and tube-ends and sleeves included in the project.
a description with a list of the number of items
a footnote indicating a list of related offers (accessories, drop nipples, etc.), the type of packaging and shipping.

- A second sheet containing a chart of the symbols used for tube-ends and sleeves as well as the relative and absolute dimensions

- And the following sheets indicating:

each of the tubes in accordance to its code with indications on standards, diameter, finish, thickness, length and the number of tubes belonging to a particular code.
the descriptive line of each tube according to its code.
a diagram of each tube according to its code, displaying the types of tube-ends and sleeves along with their respective description and relative and absolute dimensions.

By creating these "Lists of Components" we wish to provide a more comprehensive documentation and information and thus facilitate a more fluid conversation with our clients. For us it is of major importance that each side understands everything related to a particular project as clearly as possible without missing out a single detail.

We hope our clients will appreciate our Manufacturing Lists.

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