27/04/2017 08:05

In order to meet its customers' additional needs, TUBASYS is launching a wide range of flexible stainless steel hoses for the connection of sprinklers of its OWN BRAND.

These hoses are included in the 2017 Product Catalogue available in the Download Area of our website.

The hoses are sold as a Complete Assembly KIT, while all the individual parts are also available for replacements and additions to adapt them to any on-site assembly requirement.

Tubasys has connections with the UL seal, belonging to the TU series, composed of a corrugated connecting hose in various lengths, and connections with the FM seal, belonging to the TB series, whose hoses are corrugated and reinforced with an external wire braid, also in various lengths, to better adapt to every works requirement.


The Assembly Kits include:

  • 1 x Water mains connecting hose (INLET) in DN1'
  • 1 x Sprinkler connecting hose (OUTLET) in DN1/2'
  • 1 x Flexible corrugated or corrugated-reinforced (braided/unbraided) hose, as required
  • 1 x Square bar (BAR SQUARE 25) for fixture to the false ceiling structure
  • 2 x Brackets for fixture of the bar (M-BAR BRACKET MSB 01)
  • 1 x Bracket for fixture of the flexible hose to the bar (CENTER BRACKET SSB 01)
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