Along with Tubasys in 2003 the first Spanish company of pre-fabricated piping for mechanical installations (Fire-proof protection, Water Treatment; Mining…).

Strict production and verification systems entirely automated and robotised, unique in our sector, have earned the trust from our clients, both inside and outside of Spain.

We lead the market contributing with our products to the tranquility given by having a reliable system and 100% in accordance with standards, supported in rigorous verification systems and the strictest quality certifications. Our production process is endorsed by Factory Mutual <FM>, being the pioneers in the sector in obtaining such approval.


In order to develop the design and implementation of customized projects, TUBASYS’s list of products includes the pre-fabricated piping systems and the grooved accessory, among others. We offer a huge variety of pipe and sleeve diameters: grooved and threaded, in a wide range of finishes, thicknesses and colours of paint. Concerning the grooved accessory, we stock a wide selection of items and references in our facilities. TUBASYS team is also expert in making pre-fabricated pump rooms.

We can manage the other equipment supply or components on the customer’s request.

Prefabricated piping systems

Our vast experience in fire-proof protection has allowed us to verify that the assembly work of the sprinklers network requires many qualified professional work hours, which makes labour one of the most important cost on the work execution.

TUBASYS applies robotic technology (similar to the one used in car industry) in production in its factories, obtaining the entire break up of the system. It is not possible to have this kind of technology at the assembly place. Our piping systems - customised- allow a fast and simple assembly, reducing costs and contributing a quality level that cannot be reached at the workplace. THEY ARE THE PRE-FABRICATED PIPING SYSTEMS.

Pre-fabricated pump-room production

We make pre-fabricated pump rooms up to 24" (600mm). In various grades, carbon steel tube painted or galvanized with welded or grooved union.

We carry out the execution and design from the original plan of the room, studying all the variables: space, maintenance, assembly time, cleanliness and organization, among others.

Fixed budgets

In TUBASYS we offer the first rate by finished linear metre, including the entire specification of the processes followed in every stage of fabrication for which we have the exclusive approval from FACTORY MUTUAL <FM>.

This on-line table allows both architecture and engineering, to firm up more reliable specifications and budgets by considering the entire fabrication process necessary for the installation of a sprinkler system.


  • • Automated piping cuts to the required length
  • • Tube milling to eliminate burs from cutting
  • • Automated grooving
  • • Making holes by a robotised plasma jet stream
  • • Automatic removal of the hole making waste
  • • Robotised placement of outlets
  • • Facility for placing outlets at any angle with respect to the tube axis
  • • Welding processes according to EN15609-1:2005
  • • Test with penetrating liquids at every welded joint that ensures airtightness
  • • Hydraulic test of the welded joints by sampling
  • • Treatment of the piping with amorphous phosphate that prevents rust and corrosion of the steel and guaranties a better paint adherence.
  • • Painting in automated powder coating booth and subsequent polymerised in a polymerisation oven.
  • • Labour cost reduction
  • • Lower professional specialisation
  • • Minimum budget deviations
  • • Smaller execution times
  • • Reduction of the number and specialization of workers
  • • Guarantee on installed product quality.

Production process

Our production system is based in the customisation of projects, from the break up which have been designed by our engineering team in collaboration with each client, and in a production system entirely robotised, which produce a product ready for the assembly at the workplace, in a fast, clean and safe operation.

Three robotised and independent production lines at full capacity ensure effectiveness in the supply service which is unique in the market.



PIPING manufacturing, following the standards:

  • • Non-alloy steel tubes (seamless and welded): EN 10255 (old DIN 2440)
  • • Seamless steel tubes: EN 10216-1 (old DIN 2448)
  • • Welded steel: EN-10217-1
  • • ASTM Piping (A-106, A-53, API 5L)


  • • Cutting by using a horizontal band saw
  • • To the required length
  • • Elimination of burs by milling


  • • Industrial grooving by hydraulically activated rollers
  • • Measurements always within the tolerance range required by the standard


  • • Hole making by plasma cutting
  • • Automatic extraction of the cutting waste, stopping the process automatically in case it is not detected


  • • Fitting outlet placement at the exact angle and positiont
  • • MIG arc welding with protective gas
  • • MIG welding process according to EN 15.609-1, robotised


  • • Test by using penetrating and revealing liquids at 100% of the welded joints
  • • Hydraulic testing by sampling

Degreasing - Phosphatising

  • • Application of amorphous phosphate, that prevents rust and corrosion, ensuring a better adherence of the paint
  • • Internal and external tube washing with tap water
  • • Internal and external tube washing with demineralised water
  • • Drops blowing
  • • Drying oven at 180ºC


  • • Powder coating booth, adhered by anodising
  • • Polymerisation oven. The thermosetting paint achieves its full polymerisation in 12 minutes at 180ºC
  • • Minimum guaranteed thickness of 60 microns
  • • Facility for applying any colour of the RAL chart available


  • • Marking of the tube according to Factory Mutual requirements:
    - Manufacturer
    - FM Marking
    - Diameter and thickness
    - Industry standard references
    - Work pressure
    - Mounting codes
    - Date of manufacture
    - Traceability. Heat number
  • • Marking by micro-percussion
  • • Easy identification of tubes in the assembly


  • • Packaging system that prevents the material from hitting during transportation and that facilitates a rapid identification by sectors
  • • Easy transportation on the workplace, achieving an important saving in time


The Tubasys work form methodology is based on the maximum commitment with the client, in every stage of the design process, production and system implementation.



A PREVIOUS STUDY of each installation, allows us to evaluate your needs to DESIGN A SPECIFIC PROJECT to optimise it.



We provide the client with all the SPECIFICATIONS and the strictest CERTIFICATIONS of our installations.

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TUBASYS ENGINEERING TEAM develops a break up ad hoc for each project, prior to the production of a system endorsed by the strictest certifications.



Immediate response capability.


Download certification PDF

Download certification PDF

These approvals guarantee the quality and reliability of our systems for engineering and architecture that specify it, as well as for the installers that opt for it, and of course, generating confidence in the end customer.


Download certification PDF

Download certification PDF


Certified Quality

The quality and service commitment from Tubasys has led us to obtain the strictest certifications for our processes and products:

  • • We were the first and only one company world-wide in obtaining the certification Factory Mutual for pre-fabricated piping.
  • • First non-German company in the world to obtain VdS 2552en certification.
  • • We hold an assured quality certification for all of our products and production processes. ISO 9001
  • • Our commitment with the environment is portrayed in the Environment Management Certificate , according to ISO 14001

Our References

Pre-fabrication of piping accomodates to any type of works. From our technical department we provide solutions to optimise any installation regardless of its complexity.

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